Accessible Classes

Our mission at Calm Collective is to provide a space where every age and ability can enjoy Yoga. Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do, not only are our classes accessible to all kinds of students, beginners to regulars, but also to those with physical limitations, low mobility, illness, injury, wheelchair users and people with disabilities. We believe Yoga is for everyone, so at Calm Collective we have endeavoured to provide Accessible Yoga classes; classes offering the support you need from specially trained teachers and a space where you feel safe, supported and comfortable with subsidised pricing to ensure your health and happiness.


Thursday’s 11:30-12:30
£5 per class – book online or call 020 8300 0944 to secure your space

A fully chair based sequence with minimal physical exertion, but techniques and movements to help stimulate and restore your body, especially those with decreased mobility, the elderly, those with motor impairments and those recovering from injury.
What to expect
Yoga can be extremely beneficial for people with mobility issues, chronic pain and disabilities, and this class aims to improve strength, flexibility, reduce stress and relieve pain, all from the comfort of a chair.The class is also a chance to socialise with others in the community who are sharing similar experiences.

This class is wheelchair friendly!