Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful raj yoga.  This means it was a Yoga that was practiced and kept secret within royal lineages in the Indian sub-continent for centuries.  It is also a practice which combines many different forms of Yoga including Hatha, Laya, Naad, Mantra, and Tantra, to name a few. 

Kundalini Yoga includes all 8 aspects of yoga within every single class, which differs from many other forms that tend to focus on a few at any time. 

Kundalini Yoga activates the Kundalini energy which is present in all, but is often dormant until awakened.  We then guide and raise the energy up the spine and around the body.  We also work with other energies within the body and as such the practice focuses on the major organs and glands connected to the chakras (energy centres in the body), and the meridians or nadis (energy lines).  We also support and strengthen the nervous system.  This is because activating Kundalini energy can be intense for the body, so a strong nervous system is needed to support it. 
Because of this, Kundalini Yoga can feel quite different to other forms of yoga, and so is best approached with an open mind.  It is best understood through experiencing it. 

Kundalini Yoga is a safe way to raise the Kundalini energies because we do it gradually and build up strength and stamina in the body, mind and spirit at the same time.  The energies will never be raised beyond what your body can handle.  As we raise the energy, it tends to bring up blocks that we’re holding, which are preventing us from living our lives from our truth and power.  These can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  These may arise during a class or after a class and are coming up so they can be released and support you to live the life you want. 

What to Expect

In Kundalini Yoga we practice Kriyas which are a series or set of exercises to achieve a particular outcome.  There are thousands of Kriyas which achieve every outcome conceivable. 
We also practice pranayama (breathwork) and meditation (often with mantra), so no class is the same.  
Some can be very energetic, some quite meditative.  Often they’re something in between.  

It’s worth trying around 4 different classes to get a feel for it, before deciding if it’s for you. 

Our Kundalini teacher, Ruth, will be available to chat more to your about Kundalini Yoga 10 minutes before session begins, so feel free to arrive early to ask any questions. You can also find out more via her website http://www.zephyrose.com


Duration60 Minutes
DifficultyAll Levels, Beginner friendly
Props2 pillows (you must bring from home) or large blanket. Blocks and strap will be provided at studio but you can bring from home if you have

INTRO OFFERUnlimited classes for 20 days for all new students!