Well-Woman Yoga

A class for women of all ages who wish to reclaim their feminine vitality

Held both in studio and online, this class provides a nourishing space for women to connect to the energy of her womb space, the gateway of creative power. Millions of women are now practising Yoga and waking up to a higher consciousness of the importance of health, self-esteem and spiritual wellbeing. You are welcome to join us in a practise that supports and nourishes the power of the life force in women and that reconnects you to the natural cycle and rhythms of life.

What to expect

Meditation and therapeutic yoga poses to reconnect your awareness to your womb or womb-space, using breath and hand gestures to direct consciousness into the heart of the womb. Ending with one or two restorative poses designed to integrate wisdom and stimulate deep relaxation.

Well Woman yoga supports all areas of femininity throughout a woman’s life and is especially supportive in:

· Promoting a healthy menstrual cycle
· Relieving menstrual pain
· Fertility issues
· Pregnancy and post-natal recovery
· Peri menopause through to post-menopause