Kids Yoga

At Calm Collective we provide Yoga for the whole family, and believe cultivating an interest in Yoga can start at an early age. Yoga can be highly beneficial for growing minds and bodies, and during these Yoga classes kids will build self esteem, gain confidence, learn new skills, relaxation techniques, gain flexibility, learn about fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle and more all in a fun and non competitive activity, taking them away from the stresses and worries of school, social media and life and bringing them into a nurturing, encouraging and nourishing environment.

Age 5-8
Wednesdays 16:30-17:15

Kids classes at Calm Collective help to make Yoga & Mindfulness fun & inclusive for all.

In these sessions we encourage imagination, playfulness & creativity while exploring Mindfulness & Yoga through games, songs, dance & stories.

Yoga helps to cultivate skills that are transferable to everyday life, such as autonomous decision making, problem solving & confidence, as well as countering the stress experienced by kids in todays world.

Not only does Yoga increases flexibility, strength, focus, coordination & inner fulfilment, it is also a non competitive activity that that boosts self-esteem by fostering an environment filled with co-operation & compassion instead of opposition.

In addition to the practice of Yoga, we cover Mindfulness in our sessions, through art, meditation & movement we learn to slow down, relax & cope better with stress and anxiety.

Age 9-11

Yoga for ages 9-11 takes on a more mature theme, still incorporating play and imagination, however classes revolve mostly around traditional Yoga postures and building strength and increasing flexibility in the body.

Teen Yoga 11-16
Tuesdays 17:00-18:00 & Thursdays 17:00-18:00

At Calm Collective we encourage Yoga from a young age, and there’s no better time to practice Yoga than during secondary school, a time where teens are overwhelmed with issues daily such as insecurity, pressure, anxiety, stress & uncertainty of the future.

Teen Yoga provides the space and time to let go, relax, learn stress management techniques, practice mindfulness and discover their inner strength & resilience.

Aside from the physical benefits of a Yoga practice, it can help with issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem & focus.

Through the practice of Asana’s (poses), Pranayama (breathing) & Meditation, teens can learn how to reduce stress and cope better with pressure from school, exams, peers & family life.

Teen Yoga classes are tailored to ages 11-16, adapting what you would call “traditional” Yoga into something fun & accessible to a younger age group through movement, music, games, mindfulness and art.


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  Kids Yoga Teen Yoga
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