Member & Pass Holder Updates

Studio closed – sat 21st March – 1st August
Online classes available now here

Class Pass/No-Contract Pass Holders:

We will be extending all Drop-In’s, 5 & 10 Class Passes, Into Offers & Kids Class Passes that were due to expire or are actively in use during this time.
Please email us at and we will extend your pass, ONLY when you’re ready to attend classes again.

If you do not feel ready to come back to the studio, please hold off on reaching out to use until you are, this way you can make the most of your remaining classes when you do finally return.


Members/Contract Holders:

Unlimited Membership: The Unlimited Membership will continue to feature unlimited classes, 10% discount on workshops and free online content. You will however now be restricted as every other student, to only being able to book 30 days in advance for classes.

You will also receive 10% off certain items in our shop in reception.

Limited Membership: The Limited Membership is now a closed membership; we are unable to sell this membership to new students for the foreseeable future.

The membership will continue for all current Limited Members and feature 8 classes within your month of membership as well as 10% discount on workshops.

From September onwards, you will not be able to redeem the “Members Only” free online pass, online classes will no longer be included in your membership.

Limited Members will receive 10% discount on certain items in our shop in reception.

Student Membership

All Student Memberships will expire in Jan 2021. Unfortunately, we will not be able to sell this membership any longer & all current memberships will expire 1 month after their last payment in December 2020.

Students are still entitled to 20% discount on all no-contract passes at the studio