Alli Scott

Alli has been practising yoga for 20 years – and she’s on a mission to share this life-changing practice with as many people as possible. Her classes are full of yogic philosophy, mindfulness techniques, self-love and empowerment. She believes that every single person can benefit from a consistent yoga practice and aims to make her classes a safe space, free of judgement, and open to all. Alli was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but considers herself a proper Londoner now, having lived here for ten years (although her accent suggests otherwise!). She is also a Holistic Life Coach, empowering women to live lives rich in fulfilment and presence.

She has a varied background: a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and Theatre, a Bachelor of Music, and a Masters in Musical Theatre – jazz hands, anyone? She worked as a radio DJ for many years (once interviewing Jimmy Fallon), is a speciality coffee aficionado (which she says in her poshest British voice!), and can sometimes be found singing at gigs around London. She’s married to a Sidcup-ian (big up DA14!) and a mum to two boys and a cat. She is excited to officially be a part of the ‘Calm Crew’ after being part of the family for quite some time now. She hopes to see you in class and, if you ask nicely, she might just pull out a Southern accent for y’all!

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