Lua Burrows

I have always known that may passion in life was to share my experiences with others to create positive change in the world; and I believe that starts with children. At 23, I feel I have a connection to young Yogi’s just starting their Yoga journey, and I am able to share my knowledge of not only Yoga, but of growing up and all that life throws at you in those formative years.
I will offer your children a safe space to nurture their creativity, independence, self-esteem & general well-being. Being someone that not so long ago was a student going through school, then college and off to university myself, I can relate to the struggles of life as an adolescent, and can offer an understanding and appreciative outlook on their needs.
I trained with Rainbow Yoga, an amazing group of trainers who believe that ‘happiness is a compass to guide us in the right direction in life” and offer unique Kids Yoga training that aims to spread the love and joy of Yoga helping making the world a better place, one person at a time.
My classes are not only fun and creative, but they are themed on important concepts such as trust, confidence, self acceptance, connections, nature, healthy living, sharing and many more. Using arts & crafts, games, play, story time, mindful meditation and Yoga sequences the themes become more relatable and are easily taught to students in a fun and open way.

DBS Checked & First Aid Trained