Lucy Hockham

I began practicing yoga five years ago when I lived in Australia. Practicing was always such a fantastic release and escape from working in a stressful job. It improved my mental and physical health considerably. I started to incorporate meditation into my daily routine, which made me more calm and confident.
I fell in love with the spiritual side of yoga and longed to travel to India to do my teacher training. This became a reality in November of last year when I studied Hatha in Mysore, it was a life changing experience.
Now that I am back in the UK, I am looking forward to teaching and creating welcoming classes that can be enjoyed by everyone.
I like to encourage students to listen to their bodies and to tailor their practice to what works best for them. I believe that this is where the magic truly lies.
After attending classes at The Calm Collective I realised that I had found a wonderful oasis with a beautiful community spirit. I am so excited to be a helping hand around the studio and look forward to meeting you all soon!