About Us

Calm Collective Yoga and Well-Being Studio was founded on the simple premise of bringing people together through the teachings and practice of yoga. It was born from the idea that Yoga is for everyone and that anyone can come and enjoy the space whether they are pros or beginners, and feel comfortable. 

Seva Community CIC is our Not for Profit business, which focuses on inclusive, accessible and low cost or free sessions for people in our local and wider community.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing meditations, active flow Yoga classes or anything in between, the one thing that everyone has in common in our space is a sense of community.   We are all embarking on this journey together which is far better than going at it alone, neuroscience proves that we are wired to connect and at Calm Collective we have created a community driven space where we can come together, be together, thrive together.

Our Story

Calm Collective is a family run studio, founded by Mother & Daughter duo, Tracy & Lua.

“We created Calm Collective to share the gifts that Yoga gave us during difficult periods in our life.
We lived as a single parent household and were faced with many of the challenges that life threw our way, including loss, anxiety & depression.
After Tracy stepped away from working full time in the city, and Lua left university, we opened the studio to give back what we received from our Yoga practice.

Through hard work, and the support of our community, we are now able to provide wonderful classes, therapies and so much more in our Sidcup studio and out in the local area.
We hope to share the joy and healing of Yoga with you too.”

Your Journey 

Yoga is not about being able to touch your toes or do a headstand, it’s about connecting to yourself, understanding yourself and most importantly learning to love your true authentic self. We want you to feel safe and comfortable practicing with us, so our space and classes are open and accessible to all. Whether you prefer to take it easy and chill in your sessions, stretch, breathe or flow, get sweaty or upside down, we have something for everyone in our space.
We are committed to helping everyone feel happier, stronger, and more resilient by reducing stress and anxiety and increasing self esteem through yoga, meditation and community spirit.

Our Mission

Our mission at Calm Collective is to create, provide and maintain an environment where inclusivity is at the heart of what we do encouraging every age, nationality, size and ability to feel safe and comfortable as we work towards achieving the highest state of health, happiness and well-being within our community.