Terms & Conditions

Studio Terms & Conditions

All sessions must be booked via our website.
We cannot guarantee a space for you if you arrive without booking.

Entry is via Old Farm Avenue only.

Studio Class Passes, Membership’s & Drop-In’s can only be used on studio classes unless stated otherwise.
Online Class Passes & Drop-In’s can only be used on online classes unless stated otherwise.
Studio & Online passes cannot be used on workshops.

We ask that all students arrive at least 5 minutes before a class starts.
If you arrive late or too early to a class you may be turned away.

Concession Rates

To apply for discounted pricing options, you must provide identification with your name clearly stated and relevance to your chosen concession bracket; NHS, MET police, LFB, Student or over 60.

Calm Collective has the right to confirm your eligibility for concession prices at any time.

If we find you are no longer eligible for concession prices we will remove your concession account and you will have to pay the full price for items.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not available on any passes that have been used to book into sessions, even if a cancellation has been made.
Refunds are only given in special circumstances and at the discretion of the studio. There may be an admin charge for any refunds over £30.
Refunds will not be given to any annual passes or memberships.
You can extend a pass for a fee, or if you are no longer able to attend the studio, you can gift your passes to others.
Please see our Terms & Conditions page, or reflect upon your purchase receipt email for more information.

Cancellation Policy

Calm Collective has a 3-hour late cancellation policy for all classes. Cancellations must be made online via the website.

Late Cancellation: If you cancel your visit within 3 hours of class start time, your pass will be deducted as if you attended. There is a £3 fee for Unlimited Pass holders (Unlimited Members & Introductory Offer users)

Early Cancellation: Any cancellation made before the 3 hour window will result in the pass being returned to your account for future use.

No Show: Should you not attend and fail to cancel; your pass will be deducted as if you attended & charged a £5 ‘no show’ fee

Workshops: have a 24-hour cancellation policy & all events are non-refundable. Should you cancel before that date you will be given options for transferring your pass to another event or crediting your account.

Online classes: There is no cancellation policy for online sessions, you can cancel up to class start time.

Class cancellation by Calm Collective: We have the right to cancel a class up to start time – if a class is cancelled by Calm Collective your pass will be returned for future bookings. A class cancellation by Calm Collective does not entitle you to a refund of your pass.

Pass Extensions

If your pass has expired with remaining class credits and you wish for an extension, there is a £5 fee for each credit on your pass. The pass will be extended by a maximum of 2 months.

Waitlist Policy

If a class is full you can waitlist for the session
You will be notified by email and/or text should a space become available.
If you are unable to make the class, you must cancel your space on the waitlist as you will still be under our cancellation policy terms and could get charged.
If you do not get into the class, the pass will be returned to your account for future bookings.

Contract Suspension

You are welcome to pause your membership for up to 1 month a year
Injury or illness is an indefinite suspension and we are happy to pause until you are ready to return to sessions

Membership Termination

You can cancel your membership any time. To cancel a membership please email [email protected] with at least 5 days notice.

Client Waiver

Calm Collective upholds the highest standard of care and safety for our clients and staff; by taking part in the programmes offered by Calm Collective you will receive information and instruction about physical exercise & recognise that exercise requires exertion, which may be strenuous and could cause physical injury, and you are fully aware of the risks and hazards involved before participating.

You also acknowledge that you are attending a group activity where social distancing measures are in place & deep cleaning is done before & after each activity, however there is still a risk of transmission of Covid-19.

It is your responsibility to inform the instructor of any conditions, injuries, pregnancies or changes in health at the start of class. It is also your duty to let us know if you are sick, have been sick or show symptoms of Covid-19, and if you are sick, to not attend any classes while you are ill and for at least 2 weeks after symptoms stop.

By participating in our classes or workshops you accept that neither the instructor or Calm Collective is liable for any injury, illness or damages to person resulting from the taking of a class.

Calm Collective cannot accept liability for any damaged, lost or stolen personal property.