Youth Yoga

Calm Collective Youth Yoga specialises in Yoga & Mindfulness for ages 6 through to 16
Whether a studio session, local schools, colleges or universities, or for private family sessions, we provide top class instructors to support youth needs

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Inclusive & open to all, including those with disabilities, SEN or Neurodivergent. We welcome all.
Please book under your child’s name, if you need any assistance, you can call or email us.

Inclusive Yoga for ages 6 & up

Wednesdays 16:30-17:30 with Kelly McGuinness

In partnership with Access Sport, term time after school Yoga classes for D/deaf, Disabled and Neurodivergent children aged 6-16 and their families.

All abilities and disabilites welcome.

The first session you attend is free, followed by £3 per session thereafter.

Ages 12-16

Mondays 17:00-16:00 with Lua Burrows

At Calm Collective we encourage Yoga from a young age, and there’s no better time to practice Yoga than during secondary school, a time where teens are overwhelmed with issues daily such as insecurity, pressure, anxiety, stress & uncertainty of the future.
Teen Yoga provides the space and time to let go, relax, learn stress management techniques, practice mindfulness and discover their inner strength & resilience.
Aside from the physical benefits of a Yoga practice, it can help with issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem & focus.

Through the practice of Asana’s (poses), Pranayama (breathing) & Meditation, teens can learn how to reduce stress and cope better with pressure from school, exams, peers & family life.
Teen Yoga classes are tailored to ages 12-16, adapting what you would call “traditional” Yoga into something fun & accessible to a younger age group through movement, music, games, mindfulness and art.

Teen Yoga classes are for children aged 12-16 (secondary school age)

Youth Yoga Outside the Studio

Who we can teach

We can teach different ages, from primary school kids up through to university students and will adapt each session or programme to fit the needs of the target youth age group.

We have experience working with a diverse range of children, teens & young adults including those with special education needs, behavioural difficulties, disordered eating, physical disabilities & those with mental health conditions.

Where we can teach

Yoga in Schools

Calm Collective can work with your school, college or university to offer Yoga sessions as part of your curriculum.
We have worked with many local schools & universities offering term time sessions as well as after school classes.
You can also hire us for special events such as assemblies, wellness festivals or pop up classes.

Let us help you introduce Yoga & Mindfulness into your place of education.

Private Group Sessions

Our sessions can be tailored to private groups as well as educational settings; meaning we can adapt our classes to fit the specific needs or your group, club or team.
We offer pop up sessions for events, one off taster experiences for clubs/groups, ongoing classes for sports teams and much more.

If you have a private group such as guides, sports teams, support centres, drama or dance clubs etc, book us in for one off events or regular sessions.

Family & Friends Classes

Private sessions for your family, friends, birthday parties or even 1-2-1 classes can be very beneficial for bonding, support & personal growth.
These classes would be made for you and your group, fitting the needs of all involved.

Parents, guardians, kids & teens, group private sessions can be a fun activity for all the family.
1-2-1 classes offer a unique and personal experience with the added benefit of focus on individual practice & experiences.

How to book

To discuss Youth Yoga and see how we can work with you, contact us by email or telephone.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 020 8300 0944

Lua leads Youth Yoga for Calm Collective and has a passion for making Yoga & Mindfulness accessible for all ages