At Calm Collective we are fortunate to be able to bring people together to share knowledge, experience, tools and more with our students and members of the general public. Workshops offer the time and space to cultivate a creative and interactive learning experience while you are surrounded by like-minded students and teachers you can connect with.

Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy for workshops however some workshops may vary.

How to Establish a Home Yoga Practice 
– Jen Ellinghaus
Saturday 4th April 
Choose what you pay – £5, £10 or £15

Join Jen for this chatty and practical workshop to look at how to take yoga out of the studio and into our homes. Particularly useful at the moment!

Some of the topics we’ll cover are:

  • Common barriers to getting on our mats
  • Creating space
  • The power of ritual
  • Keeping it safe and counterposing
  • Improvising props.
  • We’ll finish with a semi-guided home practice that you can use for next time!

This workshop is for yogis who want to:

  • Attend classes online
  • Learn key principles of yoga postures
  • Start practising at home alone
  • Take yoga with them wherever they go (e.g. work and personal travel).

Jenny will donate her income from this workshop to Bexley Foodbank

Saturday 4th April


Women’s Circle
Saturdays – monthly
(10% discount for members)

“There is nothing so wise as a circle” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Begin your journey of self-realisation as we come together as we are, our defences dropped and masks removed in the safest place where you are free to just be and become.

Women’s circles provide a safe place where every women is invited to try out something new, maybe speaking up for the first time, acknowledging feelings or just experiencing the sense of connection and belonging with like-minded women.

The Circle is opened with ancient ceremonial attributes such as honouring our ancestors who have passed on their wisdom so that we can evolve and heal; we will raise a glass of ceremonial Cacao in honour of our time together and to unlock heart-warming states, and allow space for negative emotions to be released while being able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body.

You are invited to join us on a journey of self-realisation and empowerment as you begin trying out your wings.  Together we will respect and honour one another and feel respected and honoured; hear one another and be heard; and see one another and truly feel seen.

This is a not-for-profit event, all contributions go back into the loving care of the space and time nurturing the Circle.

Saturday 7th March


Saturday 11th April


Monthly Sound Baths 

Last Sunday of every month £20
(10% discount for members)

Sound Baths allow us to take much-needed time out for ourselves, resulting in a variety of noticeable benefits such as reducing stress, enhancing creativity, releasing emotional blockages and improving our overall wellbeing.

Many people express a sense of clarity, freedom and transformation following a sound journey, which can last for a number of days: the key is to arrive with an open mind ready to relax.

This powerful experience creates space for healing on multiple levels, which often leads to a deep state of relaxation. You may find yourself taking an inward journey similar to meditation or simply enjoying the beautiful layers of sound around you.
Attending a Gong Bath can be a very profound and unique experience. As you lay on a yoga mat curled up with your blanket and pillow, you are bathed in waves of sound and vibration from sacred instruments. There is no actual water involved.

What to bring: it is important to be warm and comfortable, so be sure to wear layers and bring anything you feel that would help you to relax i.e. blankets, pillows/cushions, eye masks, socks etc. Remember that you will be lying on the floor for an hour.

Please note each person must have their own account created and a purchase on that account. Please do not purchase tickets for groups of people, each person in the group must have their own account & ticket.

Sunday 29th March


Sunday 26th April


Women’s Wellness – Half Day Workshop 
– Tracy Barber & Leila Halid 
Saturday 21st March
£50 (+10% discount for members)

Join us for an afternoon of Women’s Health, featuring a discussion on Herbs for Health from Leila Halid & an Embodied Menopause talk with Tracy Barber followed by a healing Restorative Yoga practice to seal the day.

We begin our afternoon with an understanding of the natural cycles of women and the ways in which we can support our feminine well-being on a daily basis.  Through understanding imbalances and dis – eases in our bodies, we observe how to create vitality through herbal medicine and self-awareness. With awareness of our natural rhythms we thread this into the next section of the afternoon beginning with the history and cultural themes of the menopausal ‘wise woman’ and how we have inherited a legacy of disempowerment.  We then move through what it means to embody this transformational time first by understanding the psychological and physical changes that women face to reframing what most women fear and try to avoid – anxiety, weight gain, anger, fatigue & insomnia, atrophy and loss.  We end with restorative yoga poses beneficial for women’s health.

You will be given material to take home with you from the afternoon featuring all the information from the day

Workshop Content: 

  • Herbal Tea Meditation & Intro to herbal remedies
  • Self-Awareness into our cycles
  • Areas of health to consider
  • Historical and cultural themes of the wise woman
  • Embodiment and reconnecting to our body and mind
  • Hormone harmony
  • Anxiety/Stress/Fatigue/Insomnia/Loss
  • Restorative yoga for women’s health

Couples Pregnancy Yoga for Birth Workshop 
– Natalie Yunnie
Saturday 28th March
£50 per couple (or pregnant woman and birthing partner -£25 per person)

Do you attend Pregnancy Yoga classes and wish your birth partner could join you to learn how they can best support you through your pregnancy, labour & birth, so you can be a strong team on the day? Preparing for labour and birth and knowing how to communicate with your partner can be daunting for some. This relaxed, hands on workshop will cover lots of useful, practical information, tips and techniques to help you and your partner to bond & have a positive birth experience.

During the 2 hour workshop will:

  • Learning the stages of labour and path to birthing your baby
  • Understanding the role of Oxytocin during the birthing process
  • Breathing techniques and yoga positions for each stage of labour & birth
  • Practice ways your partner can support you during your pregnancy & labour through massage, partner yoga & natural pain relief
  • Bond with your partner through some fun Partner yoga
  • Bond with you baby
  • Relax deeply through a guided meditation

Couples Pregnancy yoga Workshop is open to Mums to be from 28 weeks pregnant

Natalie is a Mum and Yoga Teacher who specialises in Pre & Postnatal Yoga, she is also a baby massage instructor and Postnatal Doula.

The Couples Pregnancy Yoga for Birth Workshop pass entitles 2 people to attend the session. If you wish to attend alone please email


Plant Medicine Workshop
Meet your Plant Spirit Guide
– Sally Smiles
Saturday 4th April
£35 (+10% discount for members)

Let us open our hearts to the spirits of the plants in this ceremonial afternoon of healing and connection.

As we journey with the shamanic drum, native instruments and channelled voice to meet our plant spirit guides, you will build your own personal relationship with the medicine of the plant that steps forward for you, understanding its wisdom and guidance for you at this time.
An empowering workshop of deep connection, healing and self discovery.

The afternoon will include:

  • Introduction to plant spirit medicine
  • Shamanic journey to meet your plant spirit guide 
  • Plant spirit medicine music healing
  • Understanding the messages and/or guidance you may receive
  • Realignment Journey 
  • Ceremonial embodiment and release

Please bring with you:
Notepad and pen
Bottle of water
Comfortable clothing
Blanket/ cushion to sit on and lie down with (optional)


Ancient Myths & Modern Yoga
– Kevin Free
Saturday 25th April
£30 (+10% discount for members)

The practice of yoga has traveled far since it’s birth in the Indus Valley and the myths behind yoga’s ancient spiritual tradition still inspire students of all levels to realise their potential.

In this workshop we will explore the poses of the animals, the Earth and the heavens and discover the deep symbolic imagery that we can use for reflection, self-examination and healing.

This workshop is open to all and will include a practice, pose analysis and meditation.

Saturday 25th April