Workshops, Events & Courses

Our Courses, Workshops and special events are a fantastic way to deepen your practice, and enhance your knowledge and well-being, with specialty sessions catered to our community.
Please be reminded that it is only 1 booking per person, per account.
Please check the location of your event, either our Sidcup or Bexley Studio


Sunday 4th – 4 Week Yoga for Beginners Course starts
Monday 5th – 4 Week Yoga for Mental Health Course Starts
Wednesday 7th – 4 Week Yoga for Beginners Course Starts
Saturday 10th – Kirtan
Sunday 11th – Recconent & Rekindle: Couples Yoga Workshop
Sunday 11th – Rest & Restore – Restorative Yoga & Essential Oils
Saturday 24th – Women’s Circle
Sunday 25th – Sound Bath


Saturday 2nd – Mantra Workshop
Sunday 3rd – 4 Week Yoga for Beginners Courses Starts
Sunday 3rd – Chaturanga, Flow & Transitions
Monday 4th – 4 Week Meditation & Mindfulness Course Starts
Saturday 16th – Kirtan
Saturday 23rd – Women’s Circle
Sunday 24th – Sound Bath


Yoga for Beginners 4 Week Course - Sidcup Studio

Upcoming courses
March Wednesdays 18:30-19:45 6th, 13th, 29th & 27th with Lua Burrows
Investment: £55

April Dates TBA soon

Our beginner course is perfect for those with little or no experience and for regular students wishing to rebuild the foundations of their practise…there’s always something new to learn! In this course you will be supported every step of the way as you learn more about how your body moves and how to work with certain conditions as well as developing a deeper connection to your mind, body and spirit.

What to Expect:

  • Fundamental postures (known as asana) & Sun Salutations
  • Anatomy & Modifications for conditions
  • Meditation – Yoga is an ancient form of meditation. By including simple, accessible mindfulness techniques, often enjoyed lying down, we invite the mind into a less reactive, calmer state.
  • Breathwork (known as pranayama) – how we can use simple breath practices to boost mood and re-balance the nervous system
  • Relaxation – in our culture of permanent busyness, most of us have forgotten how to relax. We spend time on this incredibly important art.

Meditation & Mindfulness 4 Week Course - Sidcup Studio

March 2024 Mondays 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th 18:30-19:30 with Tracy Barber
Investment: £55

This workshop will teach you the fundamental skills to reduce pain and suffering and increase your quality of life. You will learn how to cultivate a regular meditation practice that works for you by understanding the many ways to sit with your self in silence.

From the wild monkey brain beginner to the seasoned meditator – all are welcome to sit with us on this four week journey into silence.

We begin with the science and history of Meditation and Mindfulness including how to access the Theta brainwave state (the deeply relaxed state) without sitting for hours, through to accessing the state of meditation anywhere!

Week 1 – History of Meditation & Mindfulness
Week 2 – Awareness & Self-Enquiry
Week 3 – Raising Vibrations
Week 4 - Accessing a state of meditation

What will you gain?
Reduced stress, Clarity of Mind, Increased creativity, Improved sleep, Reduction in chronic pain, Better quality of life

Your facilitator:
Tracy Barber is a Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher & Sound Therapist. Her wisdom and expertise arise out of a lifetime of self-study and decades of studying the art and science of human development, spirituality, mysticism, and quantum consciousness.

Tracy has studied and experienced meditation and mindfulness with FISU; Tara Brach; Jack Kornfield; Vipassana; and Raja Yoga.

Workshops & Special Events

Sound Bath - Bexley Studio

Sunday 25th February 18:00-19:15 with Tracy Barber - SOLD OUT
Sunday 24th March 18:00-19:15 with Tracy Barber

£20 Per Sound Bath 10% discount for members

Sound Baths are a powerful experience wherein you are bathed in the sounds & vibrations of crystal bowls, chimes, singing bowls and other instruments that will take you on a healing journey, creating space for healing on multiple levels, which often leads to a deep state of relaxation. You may find yourself taking an inward journey similar to meditation or simply enjoying the beautiful layers of sound around you.
Sound Baths allow us to take much-needed time out for ourselves, resulting in a variety of noticeable benefits such as reducing stress, enhancing creativity, releasing emotional blockages and improving our overall well-being. Many people express a sense of clarity, freedom and transformation following a sound journey, which can last for a number of days.

What to bring: it is important to be warm and comfortable, so be sure to wear layers and bring anything you feel that would help you to relax i.e. blankets, pillows/cushions, eye masks, socks etc. Remember that you will be lying on the floor for the duration of the session.

Each person must have their own account to book.

Women's Circle - Bexley Studio

Saturday 24th February 16:00-18:30
Saturday 23rd March 16:00-18:30
Pay what you can: £10 / £15
10% discount for members

“There is nothing so wise as a circle” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Begin your journey of self-realisation as we come together as we are, our defences dropped and masks removed in the safest place where you are free to just be and become.
Women’s circles provide a safe place where every woman is invited to try out something new, maybe speaking up for the first time, acknowledging feelings or just experiencing the sense of connection and belonging with like-minded women.
You are invited to join us on a journey of self-realisation and empowerment as you begin trying out your wings. Together we will respect and honour one another and feel respected and honoured; hear one another and be heard; and see one another and truly feel seen.
Expect meditation and movement, journalling and the usual beautiful connections we make as we join together in this shared space.  You will leave illuminated!

This is a not-for-profit event, all contributions go back into the loving care of the space and time nurturing the Circle.

Kirtan - Sidcup Studio

Saturday 16th March 17:00-18:15
Free/Donations to charity welcome

Join us for a soul-soothing evening of Kirtan, a musical journey that transcends boundaries and connects hearts. This free event, open to all, invites you to immerse yourself in the uplifting vibrations of devotional chanting. Held with the intention of spreading love and unity, we welcome donations that will go towards supporting our chosen charity, creating a positive ripple effect in the world.

What to expect: As you step into the sacred space of our Kirtan event, expect to be enveloped in a harmonious atmosphere filled with the melodic strains of mantra, Kirtan will guide you through a meditative and joyous experience. The repetitive chanting of ancient Sanskrit mantras serves as a powerful tool for mindfulness, allowing you to quiet the mind and connect with a deeper sense of self.

Feel free to participate by singing along, clapping, or simply basking in the collective energy of the group. Kirtan is not just a musical performance; it's a shared journey of self-discovery and communal celebration. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of Kirtan, you'll find a welcoming space to explore the transformative power of sound and intention.

Don't miss this opportunity to come together, raise your spirits, and contribute to a cause that amplifies the spirit of compassion. Join us for an evening of blissful Kirtan, where the music unites us, and our collective vibrations create positive change in the world.

Mantra Workshop - Bexley Studio

Saturday 2nd March 16:00-18:30 £30 10% discount for members

Mantra is a powerful tool that takes us beyond the thinking mind. Mantra is a Sanskrit word - Man means 'mind or thinking process' and tra means 'going beyond' or 'instrument'. When understood and used correctly, Mantra becomes the mind's instrument to evolve spiritually and bring about profound change.

As we chant a mantra, it affects our brain and thoughts, the body becomes like a sound box and vibrates with it reaching the level of organs and cells to bring about profound change.

In this workshop we will cover:
The different types and history of mantra
Sanskrit & energetics of mantra
Kundalini energy
Mantras for peace, health, harmony and prosperity

There will be many mantra meditations over the course of the workshop where we will be seated for periods of time (a chair can be provided). There will be gentle movement and breathing practices to open the lungs as well as voice warm-ups.

You do not have to know how to sing, speak sanskrit or sound perfect! Mantra is a vibratioinal feeling, a meditation that uses your voice as medicine. There is only one you and therefore only one of your tone and it doesn't matter how that sounds to anyone else, it matters only how it feels within.

You will be prescribed mantras to practice at home if you wish.

Chaturanga, Transitions & Finding your Flow - Sidcup Studio

Sunday 3rd March 14:00-16:00 £30 10% discount for members

Do you get a feeling of dread every time the teacher says to do chaturanga? Do you avoid fast paced classes for fear of “doing it wrong” or getting left behind? Do you feel like you’ve reached a plateau in your practice and are not sure how to improve? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you!

We will break down chaturanga to understand the posture on a deeper level and how to adjust the posture for your body. Learn how to set up your downward facing dog so that you can move seamlessly between downward dog, chaturanga and cobra without moving your hands! Learn techniques to transition between postures seamlessly even when you don’t know what posture is coming next!

Emma will teach many different variations and options so that everyone feels like the postures are made for them. Learn tips and tricks on how to step your foot between your leg with ease! Gain confidence with your body and find fluidity in your practice.

Learn how to use your breath as the impulse for movement to move in a way that is uniquely you! You will walk out of this workshop with a greater understanding of your body and the skills to create your own flow safely. This workshop is suitable for all levels.

Aroma Flow - Essential Oils & Yoga with Emma Levy - Sidcup Studio

Sunday 14th April 14:00-15:30 £25 10% discount for members

Free your senses in this 90 minute yoga experience with essential oils. Learn the many effects of essential oils on mood, health and wellness. Throughout this 90 minute yoga experience Emma will lead you through a gentle, restorative flow, all inspired by the essential oils that you smell.

The workshop will begin with a guided focus meditation, with scents known for enhancing cognitive function and memory, followed by pranayama (breathing) enhanced by essential oils known for opening up the breath to start the practice with focus and deep breathing.
We will then awaken the body using oils known for energizing as we move into a gentle yoga flow and end with a guided meditation in Savasana to ease you into total relaxation, with oils known for helping with insomnia. 

Essential oils are not intended as a cure for any ailment; rather, they helps the body maintain a sense of equilibrium and well-being. You will walk out of this session feeling refreshed and grounded with a newfound understanding of the powers of essential oils.