Online Classes


As the studio closes temporarily, we are taking Calm Collective online. Live-streams of your favourite classes are available to book here & enjoy from the comfort of your own home.
We will be hosting a limited schedule for the time being, and hope to add more classes & offerings as we explore this new avenue of teaching.

A link to the live-stream will be sent to you 30 minutes before class start time. To join the live-stream simply find a space to practice, click the link provided at the designated time, and enjoy.
Please note, bookings will stop 15 minutes before class start time so we are able to send you the link to the session in time.


We are using Zoom for lives-streams.

You can download the desktop or mobile app HERE

You do not need an account for zoom, simply click the link which will be emailed to you 30 minutes before class start time & enjoy.

We suggest going online for your live-stream 10/15 minutes before start time to ensure connection.

We have introduced pay scale donations for online classes for those not on memberships with us, this money will go to support the studio & teachers during this time, please do choose an amount that you can afford & would like to contribute.

£5 ~ £10 ~ £15 ~ £65 (10 class Pass)

Some sessions provided will be free.

Those who have been so generous to keep their memberships running while the studio is closed can choose the “Online Class Member” pass which will book you onto the session for free, as keeping memberships running is enough support during this time.

There is no cancellation policy for online classes.

Yoga is a practice that fortunately, can be adapted to any situation, space & need. Same for other sessions such as mindfulness, Pilates & Barre.

We suggest finding a space with enough room to stand in a starfish position and enough room to lie down comfortably, modifications will be available for those in tighter spaces.

For your sessions, try to find a quiet & special space that feels right for you to practice in at home.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a mat, it helps for comfort and to stop slipping, but can use the floor, or a blanket or towel.