Annabel Beckham

Annabel believes everyone has a right to feel calm and content and hopes to guide you into a space of calmness. Through Annabel's warm, nurturing teaching method, they will make you feel at ease in every class.

Charlotte Valinotti

Charlotte's goal is to create yoga classes that enable students to safely progress with their yoga practice in an inclusive and welcoming environment. Each class has a strong focus on building up and using your core strength and breath to support you as you go deeper into the postures.

Emma Levy

Emma's desire as a teacher is to guide and inspire all to listen to their bodies, to take risks and to have fun letting go of the stresses of the week. Coming from a very theatrical background, music is extremely important to Emma's classes. Each week you'll play with a new playlist full of songs to make you want to move. Be prepared to laugh, sweat, shake and feel stronger than ever before.

Jenny Ellinghaus

Jenny has been teaching yoga since 2006 and is endlessly amazed by how much she learns from her students. Her teaching style is lighthearted, with an emphasis on having fun while developing strength, flexibility, balance and stillness (physical , mental and emotional).

Kalie Jade

Kalie has a kind and caring nature with a background in digital media and complementary therapies. She loves being able to help people through her workshops and classes with a particular passion for Sound Therapy.

Katie Jordan

Katie comes from a background of dance and theatre. After becoming a mum and concentrating on family life, yoga and pilates replaced dance, and when given the opportunity to train in BarreConcept, which combined yoga, pilates and ballet, it was the perfect opportunity to stay in shape and healthy, whilst remaining passionate in her work.

Kevin Flee

Kevin teaches in a Hatha style although he borrows elements from Ashtanga Vinyasa, Kundalini and Jivamukti. His classes will highlight the advantages of a calm and quiet mind, core strength and poses that focus on flexibility and increased range of motion. Focus will be less on the look of poses and more on the feel of them

Kimberlee Divine

Kimberlee offers Vinyasa, Hatha & Yin Yoga and loves to offer a heart held space for you to relax, reset, find inner and outer alignment and to explore your body, mind and breath.

Lua Burrows

Lua specialises in Kids & Teen Yoga and Mindfulness, creating a safe space to explore creativity, nurture independence, boost self-esteem & well-being through mindful movement and meditation.

Minica Beason

Minica found yoga through her dance training as a way to maintain her physical and mental wellbeing. Breathing, alignment, compassion to the body and integrity are her focus.

Nadine Tregoiing

Nadine aims to guide her students to explore their practice with a deep sense of heartfelt encouragement, kindness, gentle self enquiry, empowerment, playful exploration and growth. Classes centre around dharana, pranayama, touching upon alignment and with a true emphasis on welcoming all bodies.

Naomi Coupland

Naomi found Yoga when experiencing insomnia and stress. Her Yoga journey lead her to seeing a change in her own life, and now she hopes to share her passion to help others in similar circumstances to experience relaxation and unwind through the beauty of Yoga.

Natalie Yunnie

It is Natalie’s mission to provide a safe, nurturing, and welcoming space where her students are able to explore & develop their very own personal yoga journey and self realisation & transformation.

Nina Rashid

Nina is passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone; trained in a variety of styles including Bikram, Yin, Yoga Nidra & Restorative, her classes focus on deep relaxation for all bodies and abilities.

Rosie Turner

Rosie loves to create a dynamic and fun vinyasa class. Although she works with flexibility her true passion lies in building strength in body & mind. You can expect to flow to TUNES, sweat, meditate and go upside down.

Ruth Jackson

Ruth teaches Kundalini Yoga and believes in teaching from a place of inclusivity and accessibility for all, regardless of age, shape, size, ability, bendiness, gender, or skin colour. Ruth creates a supported, brave, and inclusive space for all, so you too can connect to your truth and come home to yourself.

Tracy Barber

Through a variety of poses, and conscious sequencing, Tracy’s classes will build strength, flexibility, and balance through stability; as well as help you to discover your space – the truth in transition, and the sense of lightness you’re looking for in your practice.

Victoria Adams

Vicky’s classes - be that vinyasa, yin or restorative - all focus around breath and connection. The aim is to dip into a moving meditation and lose ourselves within the practice. Expect a nurturing atmosphere that aims to give you space to simply be with your body and your breath.

INTRO OFFERUnlimited classes for 20 days for all new students!