Kevin Flee

With a passion for esoteric knowledge at his base, yoga found Kevin in 1996 while studying kinesiology at TWR in Johannesburg, South Africa. His journey has led him down several paths including Usui Reiki and Tantric studies but his love for Hatha yoga has never faded.

“Yoga helps us discover who and what we are, where we are and where are going. My focus has always been on the individual’s journey through self-knowledge, self acceptance and self-love. As a microcosm of the greater universe, we have duty to take care of ourselves. Otherwise we can never be caretakers of the things we love around us.”

Kevin teaches in a Hatha style although he borrows elements from Ashtanga Vinyasa, Kundalini and Jivamukti. His classes will highlight the advantages of a calm and quiet mind, core strength and poses that focus on flexibility and increased range of motion. Focus will be less on the look of poses and more on the feel of them. A graduate of YogaLondon’s YTT200 program, Kevin is constantly on the search for knowledge… and a good laugh.