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At Calm Collective we are fortunate to be able to bring people together to run unique events, share knowledge, experience, tools and more with our students and members of the general public. Workshops offer the time and space to cultivate a creative and interactive learning experience while you are surrounded by like-minded students and teachers you can connect with.


5th – Beginners Course (Sun AM)
19th – Gong Bath
25th – Women’s Circle


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a practice for everyone

Our Mission

Calm Collective exists to create, provide and maintain an environment where inclusivity is at the heart of what we do. Encouraging every age, nationality, size and ability to feel safe and comfortable as we work towards achieving the highest state of health, happiness and well-being within our community.

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a practice for everyone

Class Highlights


Teen Yoga

Teen Yoga provides the space and time for teensagers to let go, relax, learn stress management techniques, practice mindfulness and discover their inner strength & resilience.

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Yoga Fit

Yoga fit is a fusion of high intensity fitness interval training with all your well known yoga postures giving you short bursts of high intensity cardiovascular exercise followed by a small period of rest between yoga postures.

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Restorative yoga is a relaxing and floor based class to relieve the effects of stress and to aid in total relaxation. The class is often practiced in candlelight and features guided meditation while in poses.

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Ashtanga Yoga

Inspired by the Ashtanga Primary series, in this short form class you will be guided through a set series of poses (asanas) all linked together by vinyasas (flowing sequences of movements that connect each asana with the next)

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INTRO OFFERUnlimited classes for 20 days for all new students!