Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is a yoga class featuring the classic 26 hot yoga static postures practiced in a room heated between 32-38 degrees . The class is available to all levels, including beginners, however please note, if you tend to feel unwell in the heat, or prefer a cool room to practice in, then this is not for you. Hot yoga is perfect for those looking to deepen their focus, increase strength and flexibility while increasing blood flow and strengthening the cardiac system.

Why the heat?

When the body is cold, muscles contract and it becomes difficult to move. As muscles and joints warm, they loosen, decreasing resistance to movement thereby offering an opportunity to move deeper into a pose with less chance of injury.

It is important to come well hydrated and you are encouraged to stay hydrated throughout the class. Due to the amount of sweat loss during a class, it is essential to replenish electrolytes which are lost when we sweat.  Electrolytes are minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium found naturally in your body fluids, such as plasma. They’re free ions that carry an electric charge that maintain proper muscle and nerve function as well as fluid balance in your body (coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes which, when consumed after exercise can be a more effective way to rehydrate than drinking plain water or a sports beverage).  

What to expect

During the 90 minute class you are guided through 26 postures with the opportunity to practice each pose twice giving you more time to acclimatise to the heat and familiarise yourself with the postures (and to sit out on one set if need be).  The 60 minute class cycles through the same sequence practicing each posture once.  There are no open windows or cool fan and the room will be at a temperature of between 32-38 degrees.  Do not be afraid to wear minimal clothing such as shorts, however we do ask that shirts remain on for those that identify as male, and speedos are not worn. 

You must use a towel on the mat, which if you forget, can purchase one at reception.


Average Duration 60 – 90 Minutes
Essential Props Towel
DifficultyAll levels to intermediate