Kids Yoga

Kids classes at Calm Collective help to make Yoga & Mindfulness fun & inclusive for all.

In these sessions we encourage imagination, playfulness & creativity while exploring Mindfulness & Yoga through games, songs, dance & stories.

Yoga helps to cultivate skills that are transferable to everyday life, such as autonomous decision making, body awareness, problem solving & confidence, as well as countering the stress experienced by kids in today’s world.

Not only does Yoga increases flexibility, strength, focus, coordination & inner fulfilment, it is also a non competitive activity that that boosts self-esteem by fostering an environment filled with co-operation & compassion instead of opposition.

In addition to the practice of Yoga, we cover Mindfulness in our sessions, through art, meditation & movement we learn to slow down, relax & cope better with stress and anxiety all while having fun in a safe and nourishing environment.

We hold two Kids Yoga classes per week – for age groups 4-7 & 8-11