Kids & Teen Yoga

Yoga can be highly beneficial for growing minds and bodies, and during these Yoga classes kids will build self esteem, gain confidence, learn new skills, relaxation techniques, cultivate creativity, gain flexibility, learn about fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle and more all in a fun and non competitive activity, taking them away from the stresses and worries of school, social media and life and bringing them into a nurturing, encouraging and nourishing environment.

Kids Yoga differs a lot from “regular” Yoga, we try to cultivate imagination and put fun at the forefront of every class, so we forgo silence and solitary practice and encourage singing, dancing, partner work, acrobatics and laughter. Each class will have a different concept running throughout to help kids learn new things in a fun way, one week we may be exploring a jungle in the Amazon and learning about the animals, and the next we can be up in space on a rocket ship exploring planets. While each class varies in its theme, the core concepts of learning, sharing, love, acceptance, self-esteem, motivation and connection will be at the heart of every class.

Classes available for ages 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 & Teen Yoga 13-16

To find out more about individual classes visit our Kids Yoga page