Power Yoga

Power Yoga is often seen as a more cardio-based style of Yoga designed to challenge the body and mind. In each class you will work up to a peak pose that is aimed at building on and enhancing your Yoga practice. This class is perfect for those looking to try new and interesting poses as well as working on strength and flexibility.

What to expect

During this class your sequence will steadily build up to a peak Asana (pose) designed to challenge and strengthen. As you reach your peak pose, expect time to play and work on the posture for a few minutes before winding down into your Savasana (relaxation)

This class is considered intermediate meaning a familiarity of Yoga postures is expected before attending

However this does not mean you have to be physically strong, or have been practicing Yoga for many years, only a grasp on the foundation Yoga postures and a want to learn and build on your own practice is needed to attend this session