Teen Yoga

At Calm Collective we encourage Yoga from a young age, and there’s no better time to practice Yoga than during secondary school, a time where teens are overwhelmed with issues daily such as insecurity, pressure, anxiety, stress & uncertainty of the future.

Teen Yoga provides the space and time to let go, relax, learn stress management techniques, practice mindfulness and discover their inner strength & resilience.

Aside from the physical benefits of a Yoga practice, it can help with issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem & focus.

Through the practice of Asana’s (poses), Pranayama (breathing) & Meditation, teens can learn how to reduce stress and cope better with pressure from school, exams, peers & family life.

Teen Yoga classes are tailored to ages 11-16, adapting what you would call “traditional” Yoga into something fun & accessible to a younger age group through movement, music, games, mindfulness and art.

Teen Yoga classes are for children aged 11-16 (secondary school age)