Yoga for Beginners

While most of our classes are suitable for beginners, this is the perfect starting point for those who have never done Yoga before and would like to learn the very basics of the positions before going into another class. This class will allow you to go at a slow speed while the teacher explains and demonstrates the core Yoga positions.
The class is a great way to learn about Yoga and how to correctly get into the positions to prevent strain or injury and feel the most benefit from the poses.

What to expect

During this class the teacher will guide you through a slow paced sequence consisting of core Yoga Asana’s (poses), demonstrating how to correctly get into the position and how to modify it if you have a certain injury or ailment.

The teacher will frequently come around the room and may verbally offer adjustment to get you in the correct alignment for a position.
Coming to this class will greatly benefit your practice and you will begin to feel the benefits of Yoga, and in no time you will be joining us for other classes as you progress and begin to feel comfortable with your movements.


Duration60 Minutes
DifficultyAll Levels, Beginner friendly
IntensityLow / Medium