Teacher Training Terms & Conditions

Teacher training terms & conditions

Upon signing up to any of our Teacher Trainings at Calm Collective (Seva Community CIC), you agree with the following terms & conditions.

1) Booking

1.1 Upon booking, you will adhere to the specific course terms, whether previous training is required or if no previous training required, the adequate amount of personal practice as stipulated in your course of choice.

1.2 Upon booking you will be contacted by our admin staff to confirm the requirements and necessary details to process your application.

1.3 As a Yoga Alliance Accredited training, your details will be shared with Yoga Alliance Professionals for your confirmed accreditation.

1.4 By signing up to a training course, you will adhere to and follow any of the terms of conditions of the course.

2) Cancellations & Refund Police

2.1 All payments made are non-refundable.

2.2 It is not possible to transfer or defer your course to another programme or service.

2.3 If booking with a payment plan, any missed payments will be chased, and if not paid in the time frame given upon booking, your place on the course will be terminated.

2.4 If you are unable to attend the course due to illness, injury or pregnancy, evidence will be needed, and accommodations will be made to transfer you to another course.

2.5 If the course is cancelled or changed by Calm Collective, you will be able to transfer to another course. However Calm Collective (Seva Community CIC) is not responsible for any compensation of additional costs.

3) Costs

3.1 The price of the course will be reflected upon booking.

3.2 Payment plans are available, wherein you can split the cost of the training over a set duration of time, which will be laid out upon booking.

3.3 Failure to pay off your payment plan will incur termination from the course.

3.4 All payments must be made before the course start date.

4) What’s included & what’s not included in the course

4.1 Training manuals are included in the cost and as part of your training.

4.2 If any additional reading materials are required, these are not part of the fee, however should you not be able to afford any required reading that may be given, every effort will be made to provide these materials to you on a borrowing basis.

4.3 All required training, examinations and assessments by a qualified Yoga Alliance Professional will be delivered either in person or partially in video format depending on your course.

4.3 Printed certificate of completion should all assessments and requirements be successful.

5) Assessment Criteria

5.1 To receive your qualification you will need to pass the following criteria.

  • 100% attendance in all sessions
  • Exams (practical and written)
  • Completion of additional course work (if relevant to your course)

6) Changes to Course

6.1 If there are any changes in the programme, such as timing or location, we will advise you as soon as possible.

6.2 We reserve the right to make changes where we see necessary, however it’s unlikely that significant changes will be made to your course. If there are circumstances out of our control that cause delays or cancellations, we will make every effort to notify you and ensure the course goes ahead in a safe way at another time or date.

7) Your health

7.1 If there are any medical conditions or injuries which may impact your ability on the course, this must be discussed with the course leader before booking. If you have any health concerns, please advise a doctor before signing up to a course.

7.2 If any injuries or medical issues arise during the course or due to the course, it is advisable to stop any physical aspects of the training and discuss how to move forward on the course with the lead teacher.

7.3 Depending on your course, there may be constraints for some medical issues or pregnancies, these will be highlighted in course details before booking.

8) Liability Waiver

Calm Collective upholds the highest standard of care and safety for our clients and staff; by taking part in the programmes offered by Calm Collective you will receive information and instruction about physical exercise & recognise that exercise requires exertion, which may be strenuous and could cause physical injury, and you are fully aware of the risks and hazards involved before participating.

You also understand that some spaces may have hazards such as props on floors, hot rooms and other people, meaning care must be taken when moving around the studio.

It is your responsibility to inform the instructor of any conditions, injuries, pregnancies or changes in health at the start of session not to perform any posture to the extent of strain or pain.

By participating in our training, you accept that neither the instructor or Calm Collective (Seva Community CIC) is liable for any injury, illness or damages to person resulting from the taking of a class.

Calm Collective cannot accept liability for any damaged, lost or stolen personal property.

9) Media & Images

9.1 Video and photo content may be taken throughout the duration of your course and may possibly be used for purposes such as promotion through our social media channels, website, or advertising materials.

9.2 It is your duty to inform admin team or course leaders if you would not like images of your face to be shown, and where possible any persons who wishes not to be on camera will be edited to have their face blurred/covered.

10) Additional Information

10.1 There is no guarantee of employment with Calm Collective at the end of the course.

10.2 If you have any issues with your training, please inform our admin staff or course instructors who will endeavour to rectify any problems that arise.